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The Public Safety and State University Police Department is open year-round. The office is located just north of the Athletic facilities on the South Road, and East of Parking Lot E.

Statement on Public Safety

The Public Safety Department's primary goal is to promote and maintain a safe campus environment conducive to academic achievement. Staffed 24 hours per day by sworn police officers and communications personnel, its responsibilities include: emergency response for fires and first aid, criminal investigations, arrests and prosecution, parking enforcement, traffic control, and crime prevention. The Public Safety Office is also responsible for delivery of emergency messages, fingerprinting services and disaster preparedness planning. Environmental health and occupational safety issues are handled by the EH&S office located on the north side of the Public Safety Building.

Services Provided

  1. Issue of temporary (guest) parking permits.
  2. Disseminate information regarding California law, local campus policies and regulations, and traffic rules and regulations.
  3. Investigate traffic accidents and prepare written reports.
  4. Investigate, cite, arrest, and prosecute all misdemeanor and felony violations as well as maintain a crime prevention program.
  5. Maintain a lost and found reporting system.
  6. Escort service for students, faculty and staff.
  7. Make emergency arrangements for ambulance, hospital and/or medical treatment.
  8. Officers are trained and certified in basic first aid and cardiopulmonary treatment.
  9. Process key requests as well as issue and maintain campus keys.
  10. Provide a fingerprinting service for the college. A fee is required for non-state employee prints, i.e., teacher credentials, etc. Employee prints do not require a fee.
  11. Driver training.

In addition, the Department provides crime prevention information to all faculty, staff, and students on loss prevention and personal protection.

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