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Campus Programming

Campus programming team celebrating the 20 year student union anniversary


The Campus Programming Committee is committed to enhancing the quality of the student experience through collaborations with faculty, staff and students and by planning diverse events and activities. The committee will focus on creating a vibrant campus life for all students through creative programming ideas and implementation.


  • Enhance traditional campus events
  • Enhance collaborations with campus entities
  • Enhance diversity programming
  • Enhance leadership development of the committee members
  • Enhance the variety of co-curricular programs


10/18 - Blue and Gold Scrimmage at Icardo Center, 7PM

10/21 -  OkSOBERfest at Runner Park

10/22 - OkSOBERfest at Runner Park

10/23 - Leadership Workshop - Title 9 at MPR, 12PM 

            - He says, She says, OkSOBERfest, MPR, 2PM   

            - RUNNER RALLY for Volleybally, Icardo Room, 6PM

10/25 - "Make A Difference Day"           

            - Extra Life Fundraiser for Children's     Miracle Network of Bakersfield, Student Union, 9AM-9PM

Master Schedule of Events

Master Schedule of Events

October 2014

10/18/14 - Blue & Gold Scrimmage (Icardo Center 7PM)

10/21-10/22 - OcSOBERfest (Runner Park)

10/25/14 - Extra Life Fundraiser "Make A Difference Day" (SU 9AM-9PM)

10/27/14 - Campus Clean Up Day (Runner Park 12-1PM)

10/30/14 - "Runner Reader; Enrique's Journey" by Sonia Nozario (Icardo Center 6-8PM)

Fall Quarter Hours

Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Involvement Office: 

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