Political Science Degrees and Programs

The catalog copy that you can access from here may be revised at any time, but typically undergoes major revision in two year cycles beginning with Fall of odd numbered years.  Thus, 2013-2015 is attached, and 2016-2018 is prospectively the first two year cycle on the semester calendar.  Please check for updates on a regular basis (even between catalogs), and consult advisor, department chair, and University Records and Evaluations about changes that might affect degree progress.

2013-2015 Political Science Catalog

"Waiver" Exams

The Department administers the U.S. Constitution and California State & Local Government exams for students seeking to satisfy these State requirements without taking a course.  There is a fee for each exam administration, but there is no limit on how many times one can attempt one or both tests.  Consult the Department office about how to sign up for and prepare for either exam.  The Department administrative assistant is the primary contact person.  Email ppadilla2@csub.edu with any questions.

An Outstanding Grad Honored

Kent Price gives the Social Sciences & Education Honors audience a statement of Brooke Penney's academic accomplishments.