Global Intelligence Major & Minor

Global Intelligence & National Security (GINS) studies is a major administered by Political Science.  It is also a 30-unit minor of courses selected from the major.  Both the major and the minor include Political Science courses among those from other disciplines.  Intelligence studies require a person who can do strong data analysis and political and risk assessment and also, be thoughtful about ethics and morals.  Although intelligence studies includes “spying,” more than 90 percent of all those in intelligence careers are not subversives, but are above board analysts, advocates, and staff assistants for elected officials.  Intelligence studies is a major growth area in Political Science given today’s global complexity.

For the Global Intelligence & National Security major and minor requirements before 2015, click here .  In order to facilitate students' timely completion of the program without changing its quality as a high unit B.A., the program advisors recommended certain changes to be implemented immediately.  Thus, even though the degree is undergoing program review and degree evaluation, students may request to complete the program under the revisions, subject to the director's consent.  For the revised program, click here.