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International Students Mentors

Join our International Students Mentoring Program!!! 

Our faculty and staff are looking for ways to help you find your space at CSUB!

If you are looking for....

  • Better information
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Friendship
  • Sense of belonging
  • A personal contact with a faculty/staff members on campus
  • Interaction between faculty/staff
  • Less formal environment to ask questions and seek help outside the classroom/office
  • Or you simply need someone you can trust to talk
Name Department Email Phone Number
Adjaye Sophia English 661-654-2362
Ault Michael Political Science 661-654-2022
Baron Dirk Geology 661-654-3044
Clark Stanley Political Science 661-654-2475
Collins Richard Arts and Humanities 661-654-2221
Commuri Gitika Political Science 661-654-3080
Gavin Christy Library 661-654-3237
Hughes Ron STEM, NS&M 661-654-3471
Maraccini Richard EOP 661-654-3219
Meyer Thomas Physics 661-654-2104
Millar Janet Counseling Center 661-654-3366
Mimms Jacqueline Enrollment Management 661-654-2160
Murphy Cliona History 661-654-2146
Nuno Anthony Modern Languages and Literatures
Paleologou Maria Philosophy 661-654-2417
Schmidt Joanne Modern Languages and Literatures 661-654-2317
Suleiman Mahmoud SSE, Teacher Education 661-654-3134
Titus Jan English 661-654-3053
Ziegler Karen AARC 661-654-2864