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(Services Available for a Fee)

  Physical Exams:  
    Complete exam including UA for job/school/sports/etc. $35.00
    DMV Physical $45.00
    Limited physical exam for education clearances, etc. $20.00
    Pap Smear $25.00
  Laboratory tests: job/school/others  
    CBC or Hgb/Hct $15.00
    Urinalysis (UA)  $10.00
    Urine pregnancy test $10.00
    Serum pregnancy test $10.00
    Handling fee for "send out" lab tests $10.00
  EKG for employment or school, not for illness    $25.00
  HIV test - confidential $18.00
  STD Testing- Chlamydia, GC, $15.00
  X-ray services for employment or school:  
    Chest X-ray $25.00
    Lumbar spine $35.00

    Each x-ray study done in the SHS will        

    have an additional fee added for off-campus reading.

  Tuberculosis (TB test) Skin test for class/job, not illness   $20.00
  Pharmacy costs vary by prescription - see
  Immunizations and Other Injections:  
    Diphtheria/Tetanus (dT. Dtap)   $50.00
    Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) $65.00
    Hepatitis A vaccine (each dose, series of 2) $35.00
    Hepatitis B vaccine (each dose, series of 3) $40.00
    Influenza vaccine (October/November)     $20.00
    Meningococcal vaccine        $105.00
    Varicella vaccine (Chickenpox)   $95.00
    Depo Provera (contraceptive)   $55.00
    Human Papillomavirus (HPV) (each dose, series of 3) $135.00
    Rocephin (antibiotic) cost depends on dose Varies
    Others as ordered by physician  Varies
  Extended University Fee (paid in Accounting
  before the first visit each quarter)    

  Summer services for continuing students not
  regularly enrolled       




    Copy of TB test  


    Copy of Medical record:


      One page


      Copy each additional page


      Copy entire record


Updated 4/12: Fees subject to change depending on cost of medical supplies or medication.