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November 17th, CSUB geology professor Dr. Jan Gillespie attended a demonstration, given by Sweetwater Tech Resources, on a new system that cleans waste water from oilfields. Both she and Dundee Kelbel of Sweetwater Tech Resources, were interviewed by KBAK/KBFX. Please see the article at

Dr. Jan Gillespie was featured in the “Treasures of the Earth:Power” episode of the PBS series NOVA on November 18, 2016! Here is a link to the show’s segment starts around 18:33 min.

2015 Department of Geological Sciences Newsletter

CSUB Geology students and faculty attend the Penn State Africa Array Forum


October 2014 - CSUB Geology students and faculty at the recent Penn State Africa Array Forum at the Shell headquarters in Houston, TX.  This program provides about $70,000 per year to CSUB Geology students in the form of scholarships and paid summer field courses.