Graham Andrews
Assistant Professor of Geology
Phone 661-654-3281
E-mail gandrews1@csub.edu
Office Science II, room 332

Dirk Baron
Professor of Geology
Phone 661-654-3044
E-mail dbaron@csub.edu
Office Science II, room 333

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Dr. Baron's expertise is in aqueous geochemistry and hydrogeology.  His research focuses on the behavior of trace elements like chromium and arsenic in pristine and contaminated soils and groundwater.

Sarah Brown
Lecturer in Geology
Phone 661-654-3027
E-mail sbrown51@csub.edu
Office DDH, BB212

Linda Davis
Lecturer in Geology
Phone 661-654-2550
E-mail ldavis24@csub.edu
Office DDH, BB208

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I am an igneous petrology/analytical geochemist/genetic mineralogist.  I focus on mafic, alkalic, mantle-derived melts to elucidate the history of the sub-continental lithosphere in the western United States.   I work with undergraduate and graduate students on research projects related to minette petrogenesis, Cenozoic igneous rocks of the western United States, or local community-related geologic problems.

Janice Gillespie
Department Chair, Professor of Geology
Phone 661-654-3040
E-mail jgillespie@csub.edu
Office Science II, room 339

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Dr. Gillespie's research interests are the subsurface architecture of petroleum reservoirs and groundwater aquifers and the movement of fluids through them.  She is also interested in using the aquifer/reservoir architecture to reconstruct past depositional environments and tectonic settings.

Robert Horton
Professor of Geology
Phone 661-654-3059
E-mail rhorton@csub.edu
Office Science II, room 357

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Dr. Horton is currently studying diagenesis and porosity development in San Joaquin basin sandstone reservoirs.  He also serves as director of the California Well Sample Repository.  His teaching interests include sedimentary petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry and science education.

William Krugh
Assistant Professor of Geology
Phone 661-654-3126
E-mail wkrugh@csub.edu
Office Science II, room 338

Robert Negrini
Professor of Geology
Phone 661-654-2185
E-mail rnegrini@csub.edu

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Dr. Negrini's research and teaching interests include the behavior of the earth's magnetic field, paleoclimatology, shallow subsurface geophysical exploration, structure and tectonics.


Elizabeth Powers
Instructional Support Technician II
Phone 661-654-3274
E-mail epowers@csub.edu
Office Sci II, room 354

Teaching Assistants

Marc Halling
Graduate Student Teaching Assistant
Phone 661-654-3443
E-mail mhalling@csub.edu
Office Sci II, room 348

Janine Roza
Graduate Student Teaching Assistant
Phone 661-654-2122
E-mail jroza@csub.edu
Office Sci II, room 348

Roger Ward
Graduate Student Teaching Assistant
Phone 661-654-3065
E-mail rward@csub.edu
Office Sci II, room 348