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Thanking Your Scholarship Donor

Scholarships are funded through generous contributions made by our alumni, industry partners, and friends who support the mission of California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) and want to invest in the educational and career endeavors of CSUB students. As our valued donors, it is important to acknowledge their meaningful contributions, which will help defray the cost of your education.

Scholarship donors are interested in learning about the students they support. The goal of the thank you letter is show your appreciation to the donor for their contribution to your education and share a little information about yourself, your educational goals, and career aspirations. Your thank you letter will give your donor insight as to how their gift has made a difference in your life. It also makes a meaningful impact to encourage them to continue supporting CSUB students, like you.

Thank You Letter Requirements

For your scholarship funds to be disbursed, you must submit a thank you letter.

 - An individual letter must be submitted for each scholarship award received.

 - Thank you letters must be completed using the online thank you letter format located at

 - Thank you letters should be saved and uploaded into the CSUB Scholarship System for your respective scholarship(s).

Suggestions for Writing a Thank You Letter

 - Convey your message in a clear and concise manner.

 - Share a little information about any barriers you have overcome, your educational goals, and career aspirations.

 - Use your resume as a reference. Work or research experiences, study abroad, involvement in student organizations or community service are all good topics to include in your letter.

 - Proofread your letter. Make sure the donor’s name and the name of the scholarship are correct. Check for spelling and grammatical errors. Sometimes it is difficult to proof your own work, so have someone else read the letter before finalizing it.

Sample Letter

sample letter

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