Census Day Repackaging

A common practice in the CSU system and nationwide is to recalculate student financial aid awards (specifically for the Federal Pell Grant, Cal Grant and State University Grant funds) based on changes in the student's enrollment as of a designated "freeze date" each term. This freeze date is determined by the school and is commonly associated with Census Day (a date which typically occurs at CSUB in the third week of each term).

Based on federal financial aid regulations, as well as "best practice" in the CSU system, the CSUB Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships has instituted a policy of repackaging financial aid awards as of Census Day each term.

Repackaging aid as of Census Day

It is important for students to understand the financial aid ramifications of dropping units at any point during the term.

For example, if students are initially enrolled in 12 units (i.e., full-time undergraduate enrollment), and their financial aid is disbursed into their CSUB student account, then they drop to 9 units (i.e., 3/4-time enrollment) on or before Census Day, their Pell Grant, Cal Grant, and/or State University grant awards will all be prorated down to 9 units for the term. The student will then owe the prorated difference back to the University. A "hold" will automatically be placed on the student's future registration and transcripts until payment arrangements are made by the student for their balance (which may include a payment plan, an emergency loan, and/or other aid).

If students drop units after Census Day, they will be subject to the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Guidelines, as outlined on our web page, which requires them to complete a minimum GPA, and/or percentage of their units attempted as of Census Day, each term. Therefore, it is important for students to understand the financial aid ramifications of dropping units at any point during the term.

If students completely withdraw from all classes in any term, they are subject to the CSUB Withdrawal Policy as outlined on our web page.

Should you have any questions concerning this policy, please feel free to contact our office.

Important note:

  • Students are initially awarded financial aid based on an expectation of full-time enrollment each term. If a student does not initially enroll in 12 units or more for a term, their Federal Pell Grant, Cal Grant and/or State University Grant funds will be revised to match their enrollment level.
  • Units added to a student's enrollment after Census Day will not be counted in determining financial aid eligibility (including units for late start classes).
  • To be eligible for most types of financial aid disbursements, students must have at least half-time enrollment by term. Undergraduate, 2nd Bach, or Credential students >= 6 units, Masters >= 3 units. Students with less than half-time enrollment are NOT eligible for financial aid disbursements.

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