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Summer Aid

At CSUB, the summer term is treated as the last term in an academic year. Therefore, please be aware that if you have already received aid as a full-time student in the previous terms during the academic year, you will likely have no remaining aid eligibility for the summer (due to annual aid limits.) However, please consult with one of our Financial Aid Advisors for a final determination of summer aid eligibility.

Eligibility Requirements

Students interested in receiving aid for the summer term must:

  • Have a valid Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file for the corresponding academic year [CSUB treats the summer term as a trailer term (i.e., last term) to the academic year]
  • Complete a Summer Financial Aid Application Form
  • Have remaining annual aid eligibility
  • Submit all required financial aid documents
  • For student loan eligibility, be enrolled at least half-time:
    - Undergraduates & Teacher Credential Students: 6 credit hours
    - Master's & Doctorate Students (enrolled in 500 level coursework or higher): 4 credit hours

Available Summer Aid

Please be aware that the variety of aid funds available during the summer term is limited.

Changes to your eligibility

Any change in enrollment could result in a change to your financial aid eligibility. Changes in enrolled credit hours, including course cancellation or withdrawal from summer classes, may result in changes to your aid. You may lose eligibility for aid you've already received, requiring you to return funds to the University. Please refer to our Census Day Repackaging policy for more information.

Pell Grant eligibility

Due to congressional elimination of the year-round Pell Grant program, students are limited to one scheduled Pell Grant award for the academic year (excluding summer). Because CSUB treats summer as a trailer term (i.e., last term to the academic year), students interested in receiving Pell Grant during the summer will likely have no remaining Pell Grant eligibility if they have already received a full award during the fall, winter, and spring terms.

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