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25Live: CSUB Online Scheduling

You can find a detailed 25Live Training Video HERE if you need assistance in entering your event.

Before requesting your event please consider:

  • Requesting your event at least 4 weeks in advance, minimum of 2 weeks is required
  • Know the Account Strings to be billed and Account Signer who will approve
  • Have all contact information, expected attendance, food or sales vendors and advertising information available
  • Find out what Resources you will need for your event, ie: UPD, ITS, Facilities
  • GRaSP: If you are Requesting or Scheduling a Grant-funded event, please review the Procedures here or contact the GRaSP office

Steps to planning your event:

First you will need to Login to using your Net ID and password to see space and date availability

1)      Enter the Event Name*. Try and avoid using acronyms or abbreviations. Use a name that would be publicly recognizable but that fits within the space restriction.


As of Dec. 20, 2013 all events in 25Live have the option to be published onto the CSUB calendar.

As of Dec. 9, 2014 25Live will be updated to Version 24.

2)     Select an Event Type*. Choose between the following.

  1. Campus Training
  2. Ceremony (Commencement, Reception)
  3. Gathering (Festival, Tour, Camp, Movie)
  4. Meeting
  5. Performance
  6. Sales
  7. Sporting

3)      Choose a Sponsoring Organization and Co-Sponsor, if applicable. It is possible to have multiple co-sponsors.

4)      Enter Expected Head Count

5)     Type an Event Description*

NOTE: If you choose to publish your event on the CSUB calendar, this description will be viewed on the calendar. Please be as descriptive as possible for the Scheduler to better understand your event.

6)      Does your event have more than one occurrence? Answer Yes or No and follow the prompt to Enter Event Date & Time* with any pre or post-event time

IMPORTANT: Please choose the ACTUAL event start and end time. Specify Setup and Breakdown time by clicking "Pre-Event/Setup durations" or "Post-Event/Takedown durations" under start and end time.

If your event repeats and the time and location is the same for each occurrence, you can edit the meeting pattern here, ad hoc, daily, weekly, or monthly.

7)     4. Enter Event Location(s)

8)      Enter Event Resources needed for your event to take place.

  1. Resources can be searched by Resource name or by Starred Resources. Any Saved Search or Advanced Search can also be used to find the necessary resources.

NOTE: These are requests only; resources will be approved by each service provider. Any changes may cause a delay in the approval of your event. Resource requests DO NOT replace the facilities management work order system. Please list the event name, date, time and location within your work order(s).  

9)      Answer ALL Additional Questions related to your event.

NOTE: The more detailed you are in your answers the faster the date and location can be approved. You must make a separate request directly to Catering or Facilities Management for food and specific room set-up.

10) Optional: Publish to Calendar if it is a public event.  

11)  Enter all Billing Information*. For on campus groups, you must provide account strings and an authorized account signer before your event is saved on the calendar. For off-campus groups, a Facility Use Agreement form must be received with billing information. 

IMPORTANT: You will need to create a “To-do” for your account signer and have them approve via 25Live. They will need to log in and see this task or you can send them an email after you’ve created the “To-do” prompting them to approve within the system. Be specific in your tasks.

To-Do example: “Please Approve Account Strings for Billing”. Comments are optional. Select a date and assign to the authorized approver.

NOTE: Cabinet members do not approve through 25Live. Please make a “to-do” for their designee for account approval.

12) Read the Affirmation and select I agree* to proceed.

13) Select SAVE


Congratulations! Your event is now in Draft State.

Please be aware that this does not automatically confirm your event or meeting. It is not saved until it is moved into the ‘Tentative’ state by the room Scheduler.

You should be notified shortly if more is needed to complete your request. Please be respectful and return emails or phone calls in regards to your event being scheduled.

25Live Contact Information

For more questions about 25Live-


Dina Ebeling

University Events Coordinator

phone: 661-654-6034

Help Desk

phone: 661-654-2307


Tammara Sherman
Campus Trainer
phone: 661-654-6919


Carlien Worley
25Live Administrator
phone: 661-654-3940