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CSUB Special Events

CSUB hosts a multitude of Special Events on campus.

What constitutes a "Special Event"?

  • Most events that go through the President's Office, Major Alumni Events and larger Campus-wide School Events that showcase the campus 

Most of our Special Events on campus that are open to the public, will be advertised on our CSUB Marquee as well as within campus and often times in local advertisements like Radio, TV and Social Media. 

We have a team of professionals that are hard at work throughout the year planning events for CSUB and the Community. We appreciate your attendance and support at each of these functions. 

Please contact the Office of Events team with any questions on future CSUB Special Events. 

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Elon Musk is known around the world as a successful entrepreneur and a man of tremendous ideas, and I'm excited that Elon accepted my invitation to come to Bakersfield and speak at my alma mater CSUB. Close Quote
Kevin McCarthy
House Majority Leader