Program Requirements

Any of the courses included in the certificate program that has already been counted for degree credit may be counted toward completion of the Petroleum Engineering Certificate. A minimum of 12 units out of the required 18 units must be earned through CSU Bakersfield.

Students must meet all prerequisite requirements

Sample Course Cycle:

First Term

GEOL 4060 Petroleum Geology (4)
Cost: $1800
The course covers basic concepts of petroleum exploration and production. Components of the petroleum system, sampling and core analysis, wireline log evaluation and correlation, map construction and interpretation, seismic methods, reserve calculations, oil and gas well drilling concepts, properties of reservoir rocks and fluids, fluid flow and natural reservoir drive mechanisms, enhanced oil recovery methods, production systems and lease facilities. 150 minutes of lecture and 150 minutes of lab per week.
Prerequisites: Geology major: GEOL 2010 (201), GEOL 3040 (309) or 3070 (307). Engineering Sciences Major: CHEM 1000 (211), 1001 (211L), PHYS 2210 (221), and MATH 2520 (202) or GEOL 2010 (201) or consent of the instructor
Instructor: Saini

Second Term

ENGR 4260 Economics of Engineering Design (3)
Cost: $1350
Cost measurement and control in engineering studies. Basic accounting concepts, income measurement, and valuation problems. Manufacturing cost control and standard cost systems. Capital investment, engineering alternatives, and equipment replacement studies. 150 minutes lecture/discussion per week.
Prerequisites: MATH 2310 or 2510 or consent of the instructor
Instructor: Clanton

Third Term

ENGR 4520 Petroleum Production Engineering (3)
Cost: $1350
Covers topics in modern petroleum production engineering, including production technologies, production equipment, equipment design and optimization, well completion, tubing design, well performance evaluation (productivity index), inflow performance relationships (IPR), artificial lift and surface facilities. 150 minutes lecture/discussion per week.

Prerequisites or Corequisites: ENGR 3110 or consent of the instructor

Prerequisite: GEOL 4060 with a grade C- or better or consent of the instructor

Instructor: TBA

Fourth Term

ENGR 4540 Drilling Engineering and Completion Technology (4)
Cost: $1800
Fundamentals of drilling equipment, engineering design calculations, wellbore diagrams, drilling fluids, cement calculations, and casing design. Additional topics such as directional drilling as well as completion technologies are covered using practical examples and field applications as applied in the oil and natural gas well drilling operations. 150 minutes lecture/discussion and 150 minutes laboratory per week.
Prerequisites:  ENGR 2140, and GEOL 4060, both with a grade C- or better or permission of instructor
Instructor: TBD

Fifth Term

ENGR 4530 Reservoir Engineering (4)
Cost: $1800
Fundamental equations of fluid flow through porous media, reservoir material balances, aquifer influx, well testing, and decline curve analysis. Methods for forecasting reservoir performance are covered using analytical models, enhanced oil recovery methods, numerical simulation of improved recovery processes, and reservoir aspects of horizontal wells. 150 minutes lecture/discussion and 150 minutes laboratory per week.
Prerequisites: MATH 2320 or 2520, and GEOL 4060, both with a grade C- or better or consent of the instructor
Instructor: TBA


Courses are $450 per unit
Certificate courses are not eligible for financial aid