The CSU Bakersfield Extended Education Division will be recognized as a respected and valued educational partner on our campus and in the community. We will be recognized as an energetic, positive thinking, responsive, supporting, and helpful organization - a valued resource in our community.


We will create innovative educational opportunities locally, regionally, and worldwide. And through this activity we will contribute to individual and regional economic development.


QUALITY. We dedicate ourselves to deliver quality service and quality programs to our students.

INTEGRITY. Integrity means trustworthiness in all our dealings with others and treating others as we would be treated.

STUDENT SERVICE. We exist because our students trust us and appreciate what we do for them. Our future depends on our continuing dedication to our students' welfare.

CREATIVITY/INNOVATION. Our success depends on bringing innovation to program development and to the processes we use to deliver our programs.

GROWTH. We will grow our Division and its programs to serve our community's evolving educational needs.

COMPETENCE. We believe in continuing education and professional development for ourselves in order to continually improve our ability to deliver excellent service on the job.

COLLABORATION. The sum is greater than the parts. We work with others because our partners complement our strengths.