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Why is it so early in the morning?

Due to the weather in June, we must start by 7:00am to ensure that our guests remain comfortable as temperatures can get up to 100 degrees by mid-day.

Do I/students that are graduating need tickets?

No, only guests need to have a ticket to attend the ceremony.

How do I obtain more tickets?

CSUB Main Campus: After Grad Fair in May 2015 (dates to be announced), up to 2 additional tickets per student will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis at the Runner Bookstore.

AV Campus: After Grad Fair in May 2015 (dates to be announced), up to 2 additional tickets per student will be available on a  first-come, first-serve basis at the Front Desk in the 100 Building

When these tickets run out, we will have no more tickets available and the events will be considered sold out.

If I am a master's student, when do I attend?

On June 10th at 6pm in the Icardo Center, all master's students are to attend this ceremony only.

Can I use tickets from other ceremonies for my ceremony, i.e. light blue for yellow?

No, since we are limited in seating, only one color of tickets can be used for each ceremony. You will not be able to use your friend's extra tickets from Friday's ceremony if you are attending Saturday's ceremony.

I lost my CSUB ID and do not want to buy a new one, since I am graduating?

You must provide a valid picture ID, such as driver's license or other form of ID with a photo. We may also ask for two forms of ID, such as driver's license and credit card.

What do I do now that I've graduated?

We hope that you will stay involved in your alma mater. Please continue to update your contact information with us, especially to share your stories of success and achievement. Please email the Office of Alumni Relations with any post-graduation questions at or visit the links below.

How do I get my official graduation photographs?

The company's name is Ultimate Exposures. You should be contacted within two weeks of your ceremony with your proofs. If you do not hear from them, instructions for their website (as of June 2011) are as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Order Photos Now
  3. Click on Graduation Ceremonies
  4. Click on California Schools
  5. Search by ceremony by entering 'Bakersfield' into the event name
  6. Select the appropriate ceremony
  7. Search for your photos by last name, or if you name is not recognized, browse all of the proofs. It's easier if you search for the name of someone sitting near you to narrow it down.
  8. You can also call Ultimate Exposures directly at: (877) 858-3976.

You can also call Ultimate Exposures directly at: (877) 858-3976.

Additional Information

For questions, comments or concerns not addressed here, please email

For questions regarding details about each school's honors programs or commencement details, please contact your school directly: 

Arts and Humanities
(661) 654-2221

Business and Public Administration
(661) 654-2157

Natural Science, Mathematics and Engineering
(661) 654-3450

Social Science and Education
(661) 654-2210