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Graduate Student Commencement Instructions

Congratulations! Your hard work and diligence has paid off. Please follow these simple instructions, and we will have an efficient commencement that will be able to honor you properly.

  1. Arrive at the eastside of Icardo Center no later than 5:00pm on Tuesday, June 9th for all Schools. The Processional will begin at 5:50 pm, and the ceremony at 6:00 pm. Bring (or wear) all of your regalia (gown, cap, tassel, hood if you are a Master's student).
  2. Pick up your name card at the appropriate table (tables will be set up under the large tent).
  3. Line up by major. You will be lined up by school and program. A volunteer will be asked to carry your program sign in the processional. Please follow the person with your sign in the processional and into the amphitheater. It is critical that you follow the instructions of the ushers to be seated appropriately.
  4. When your major is called, at the direction of the ushers, your classmate carrying the sign will lead you to the stage. Sign carriers will give the signs to the usher as they enter the top level of the stage. Please stay in order by major until the entire ceremony and recessional are complete.
  5. Please drape your hood on your arm, once at the hooding platform, hand it to the hooder, face the audience, and slightly bend your knees, the hooder will place over your head onto your shoulders. Then proceed to the professional readers, present your name card, and as your name is read, walk to President Mitchell, who will give you a acknowledgement of graduation and shake your hand. You will be professionally photographed at that time. Please leave the stage promptly and return to your seat. Please respect your fellow graduates and do not leave early, as this causes an unfair disruption.
  6. When all graduates have been recognized, you will be asked to rise and President Mitchell will confer your degree.
  7. We will then begin the recessional. Please wait for the platform party and faculty, and then follow them out of the amphitheater.
  8. Please treat every graduate as you would like to be treated- with courtesy and respect!

NO BALLOONS OR STROLLERS ARE ALLOWED IN THE ICARDO CENTER; however, there will be an area to leave them until after the ceremony.

Disability Access

If you or your guests require special accommodations, please contact the office of Services for Students with Disabilities at (661) 654-3360.

NOTE: Parking for disabled and special needs guests will be at the most northern section of Lots I and E.
See campus map.