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Program Description
The Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies Program (CAFS) at California State University, Bakersfield offers a major leading to a Bachelor of Arts Degree. The CAFS program provides students with an undergraduate level of knowledge within Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies. This program highlights diverse theories, milestones across developmental domains, family systems, ethics, and developmental research methods.

The CAFS major focuses on the biological, cognitive, psychological, and sociological foundations of child behavior and development. Students will acquire knowledge and gain understanding through exposure to relevant literature, current research topics, selected service, fieldwork, and development of their own research. Students will gain an intensive, as well as global, understanding of the developmental needs, behavioral patterns, and problems of children and their families. Through a variety of courses, students obtain knowledge and refine skills in observing, assessing, interpreting, and implementing programs for children and families; working with and supervising child-centered programs; participating in supportive structures for children and adolescents; and understanding families from diverse backgrounds.

All Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies students are expected to complete: 1) a core of required courses, (2) classes (at least 9 units) in 3 of the 4 program areas, and (3) a capstone senior seminar. All general education coursework for the university must be completed in addition to the courses specific to this major.

Elementary Education/Subject Matter Preparation for Elementary Teachers
A specialty concentration in Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies-Elementary Education provides an academic experience best suited to those who wish to teach in the elementary K-6 setting. The CAFS Elementary Education student will take classes that have been approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) as a program meeting the requirements for the Elementary Education Multiple Subjects preparation. Upon successful completion of the courses described below, the student will have completed all the California State Department of Education and California State University course requirements for the Elementary Education Multiple Subject preparation for entrance into an Elementary Education Multiple Subject Credential program. This specialty track is for students who plan to become elementary teachers. Please see an advisor for a current listing of the required courses. The following is the most recent course outline.

Child, Adolescent, and Family Studies Bachelor of Arts Degree-General Track
This first description of courses is for CAFS students who do not wish to pursue an elementary education concentration. All general education coursework for the university must be completed in addition to the courses specific to this major. A second advising form follows this one for the students interested in pursing the elementary education degree following the completion of their undergraduate degree.
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