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Through the efforts of the Applied Research Center, we have participated in developing and evaluating Project 2000, a remarkable program that has demonstrated that students are capable of living up to our highest expectations. Project 2000 shows that even so-called average students can achieve success in college, that given an opportunity, dedicated teachers and parents, a quality curriculum and high expectations they will meet the challenge.

Smart Classrooms We are living in a fast paced and advanced technological society. As new technology continues to develop and thrive throughout the world, the university is looking at new paradigms as well as innovative techniques for teaching and learning. These new technologies have changed the role of the teacher, the responsibilities of the student, the resources available to students and the environment in which the learning process takes place. The university recognizes that change of such dramatic and fundamental nature must be handled with sensitivity and care, since both students and teachers are accustomed to more traditional ways of learning.

There is a sea of change in the world of higher education. Colleges and universities everywhere are asking the same questions. Budgets are being squeezed, our students are more diverse, technology is changing rapidly, and the public is demanding accountability.

Professor at ITV Studios We at California State University, Bakersfield are committed to meeting those challenges - with courage and optimism, faithful to our mission - to provide opportunity for higher education to all students, to teach our students to become productive, responsible citizens in the wider community, and to serve the community through our endeavors and achievements.

In the CSUB family, we are proud of the unique perspective from which we can look back with pride and satisfaction and, more important, look ahead with optimism and vigor. Ours is a history notable for commitment and fulfillment, promises made and promises kept-a quarter century that points to the new millennium with fresh hope and new promises to keep.

We are proud to be the venue for the world-renowned Bakersfield Business Conference. Through the tireless efforts of Bakersfield attorney George Martin, the conference has grown over the years and attracts a distinguished roster of speakers, including Lee Iacocca, Jack Kemp, Colin Powell, Norman Schwarzkopf, Margaret Thatcher and former U.S. presidents Carter, Ford, Reagan, and Bush.