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Tenure-track position in community ecology.

Funded graduate student opportunity in plant ecology.

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Congratulations to recent MS Biology graduate Adam Grimes whose first paper of his masters thesis was published in the Southwester Naturalist. The paper is entitled MITOCHONDRIAL PHYLOGEOGRAPHY OF THE ENDANGERED BLUNT-NOSED LEOPARD LIZARD, GAMBELIA SILA and was co-authored with two of his CSUB faculty advisors Drs. David Germano and Paul Smith.

Congratulations to recent MS Biology graduate Evan MacKinnon who published a chapter of his thesis in the journal Madono. His paper is entitled FUNCTIONAL TRAIT DIFFERENCES BETWEEN WEEDY AND NON-WEEDY PLANTS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA and was co-authored with his faculty advisors Drs. R. Brandon Pratt and Anna Jacobsen.

Dr. Antje Lauer's work on Valley Fever has been featured in numerous media outlets. See the following links to check it out!
The New Yorker Magazine:
Funded and highlighted by NASA:

Congratulations to Dr. Jereme Gaeta, CSUB Biology graduate class of 2006, who was recently hired as an Assistant Professor at Utah State University.

Congratulations to Brandon Pratt, Anna Jacobsen, former undergraduate Aaron Ramirez, and former post-doctoral scholar Michael Tobin for their recent publication in the journal Global Change Biology. A press release discussing the article can be found here: GCB press release and the article can be access here:
Congratulations to Brandon Pratt and Anna Jacobsen for their recent publication in the journal Plant Ecology. The paper describes work the pair conducted in South Africa studying how vegetation responds to fire (for a link to the article: The lead author of the paper was an African student (Karen Marais) supported by Dr. Pratt with funds from the Andrew Mellon Foundation.

Many thanks to Charlotte Batey and Dr. Ken Gobalet for their generous donations that established an endowment to award the outstanding graduating undergraduate Biology student $500 in perpetuity.

Dr. Lauer's work on amphibian decline has been highlighted by TheScientist:
Congratulations recent MS Biology graduate (class of 2011) Erin Tennant who published her second paper from her MS work with advisor Dr. David Germano. Her work will be published this may in the journal "California Fish and Game". Her first paper studied competition between kangaroo rats and a co-occurring rat species that will appear this May in "The Southwestern Naturalist".

Congratulations to Dr. Anna Jacobsen who was awarded the National Science Foundation's prestigious CAREER award to support her research and students who work with her. This award will fund Dr. Jacobsen's research for the next five years on how wood changes structurally and functionally as it develops and across species with different wood types.

Congratulations to Dr's. Anna Jacobsen and Brandon Pratt for their recent publication in the prestigious journal Nature (November 29, 2012). The paper was published by an international team of researchers examining the vulnerability of the world's forests to droughts that may become more common due to changes in climate. This study was commented on by the New York Times and many media outlets around the world.

Congratulations to John Hash, recent MS Biology graduate who published his second paper from his master's work entitled "A molecular phylogenetic analysis of the genus Dohrniphora (Diptera: Phoridae)". John's thesis advisor and co-author was Dr. Paul Smith. John is currently pursuing a PhD in Entomology at UC Riverside continuing his studies in insect systematics.

Congratulations to Dr's. Anna Jacobsen and Brandon Pratt for their recent publication on drought tolerance of manzanita shrubs in California that was published in the German journal entitled Oecologia.

Congratulations to Dr's. Brandon Pratt and Anna Jacobsen for their recent publication in the journal Plant Biology demonstrating the validity of an important technique for studying plant drought tolerance.

Congratulations to Dr's. Brandon Pratt and Anna Jacobsen for their recent publication in the American Journal of Botany demonstrating a tradeoff between stress resistance and growth in California native shrubs.

Congratulations to former CSUB undergraduate Aaron Ramirez who published his undergraduate work with Dr's. Brandon Pratt and Anna Jacobsen entitled Exotic deer diminish post-fire resilience of native shrub communities on Santa Catalina Island, southern California in Plant Ecology. Aaron is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at UC Berkely studying the ecology of island plant communities.

Congratulations to Dr. Antje Lauer for her recently published paper entitled Microeukaryote Diversity in Freshwater Ponds That Harbor the Amphibian Pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) in American Biology Teacher. She published this paper in collaboration with two local high school teachers: Lonnie McConnel (Miramonte Highschool) and Navdeep Singh (Independence High School).

Congratulations to Dr. Antje Lauer who was granted $10,000 to study the proteomics of Watersipora spp. and their associated bacteria in response to copper stress.