Welcome to Safety and Risk Management

Assuring a safe and healthy work place is a cooperative effort between the Safety and Risk Management Office, the Campuses Health and Safety Committees, and all of the staff and faculty working at CSUB.

This page is intended to provide access to campus safety policies, procedures and resources.  If you do not find the answer to your question, contact the Office of Safety and Risk Management at 661-654-6320.

Safety Training

Safety training that focuses on your particular work environment and its potential hazards is one of the best ways to prevent accidents and prepare you for the unexpected.  For information regarding safety training as it relates to your particular area, and job, please contact the Office of Safety and Risk Management at 661-654-6320.

Reporting a Hazard


Reporting Fires and Other Emergencies

Contact University Police immediately by dialing 911 on any campus telephone or 661-654-2111 and provide the following information:

1. Your name, the location you are calling from and your phone number or office extension;

2. The nature of the fire or other emergency, its extent or severity and the elapsed time between your report and the start of the fire or incident;

3. If injuries have occurred, their extent and the current location of injured persons; and

4. If individuals are trapped or incapacitated as a result of the incident, their location and condition if known.

On-line Hazard Report Form

Hazard Report Form

Contact Information

Tim Ridley, CSP, ARM-P
Safety and Risk Management
Phone: 661-654-2066
Fax: 661-654-6117
E-mail: tridley1@csub.edu
Mail Stop: 27 AW

Charles G. Truvillion Sr.
Environmental Health & Safety Manager
Phone: 661-654-2871
Fax: 661-654-6117
E-mail: ctruvillion1@csub.edu
Mail Stop: 27 AW

Jennifer Jackson
Business Continuity/
Safety Specialist

Phone: 661-654-2580
Fax: 661-654-6117
E-mail: jjackson31@csub.edu
Mail Stop: 27 AW

Nicole Bigelow
Department Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 661-654-2585
Fax: 661-654-6117
E-mail: nbigelow@csub.edu
Mail Stop: 27 AW