The division of Business & Administrative Services (BAS) includes the following departments:


The University Budget Office is responsible for developing and supporting the planning and budgeting processes for the university's support related to the State General Fund, Auxiliary Funds, Special Funds, Trust Funds and many other resources. The University Budget Office develops and implements budgetary policies and procedures to ensure fiscal control and responsibility and is to be the primary sources of budgetary information and reporting for both internal and external constituencies.

Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Department is devoted to the care and maintenance of all campus buildings, roads, grounds, and vehicles. The department also oversees the mailroom, shipping & receiving, storage and warehousing, property management, and custodial services. Facilities Management also provides professional services to maintain and operate the campus heating/ventilation/air conditioning systems and utility resource management.

Fiscal & Support Services

The Fiscal & Support Services department delivers financial services in accounting, audit billing and collections, budget planning and administration, cashiering, purchasing / procurement, contracts, insurance, reprographics and printshop, travel, and student financials.

Human Resources and Safety & Risk Management

The Human Resources (HR) office is responsible for the recruitment, selection, and appointment of non-academic employees. HR oversees all campus hiring policies, procedures, payroll, and employee benefit issues. The office also provides on-campus educational and professional development.

The Safety & Risk Management Office strives to ensure a safe and healthy environment through campus compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations, risk management, and recycling.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services supports the mission of the university by striving to provide the technical services to support our students, staff and faculty in their endeavor to enhance educational learning opportunities.  It is our goal to create innovative solutions to improve student learning and university operations, while providing a positive customer service experience for every member of our campus community.

University Police Department

The CSUB Police Department is dedicated to ensuring the safest possible environment for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors through professional law enforcement services. University Police officers provide emergency response assistance, first aid, criminal investigations, disaster preparedness, parking enforcement, traffic control, and transportation systems management.

If you have any questions about BAS, please call (661) 654-2287 or send e-mail to

Thom Davis

Vice President for Business and Administrative Services
California State University, Bakersfield

Phone: (661) 654-2287

Office: Administration 103

Thom Davis joined California State University Bakersfield as Vice President for Business and Administrative Services in April 2015. He is responsible for the strategic and operational direction for the business and administrative services units including budget, facilities management, fiscal and support services, human resources and safety and risk management, information technology services, and University police department.  Davis received his bachelor’s degree in accounting and master’s degree in taxation from Golden Gate University and is a certified public accountant licensed in the State of California and State of Texas.  His career includes serving as a manager with the international certified public accounting firms of Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and KPMG; and serving 20 years as a senior administrator with private and public research institutions including vice president with Simpson University and Averett University, and associate vice president with Texas Tech University and Florida International University.