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When is the Business Meal Approval Forms (BMAF) required?

The BMAF Form is required for hospitality in connection with official university business. Take a look at the complete Hospitality Policy.

When is a list of attendees required?

A list is always required. When large groups are involved however a description of “campus community”, “open to the public” or “local high schools” will be accepted.

Can I down load a document and save it on my desk top for future use?

Some forms can be downloaded, however many forms use a numbering system for reference. These forms should be retrieved for each use so separate numbers can be generated. Documents will be updated. If you download a form remember to review it regularly to make sure you have the latest document.

When does Accounts Payable require a social security number?

 When the payment to an individual will be a reported amount for taxes. These include but are not limited to special services, stipends, awards or prizes.

What is use tax?

A use tax is a type of excise tax levied in the United States. It is assessed upon “tax free” tangible personal property purchased by a resident of the assessing state for use, storage or consumption of goods in that state (i.e., not for resale), regardless of where the purchase took place.

Where do I go to find the forms to request a payment or reimbursement?

Fiscal Services forms are located on our webpage.

Where do I send a request for payment document. (Direct Pay, Travel, etc.)?

Documents can be taken directly to the Accounts Payable office in Administration West, or sent through campus mail to 35 ADM which goes through the General Accounting Office in Administration.