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Major Projects in Planning and Design


Faculty Towers Replacement Building (Seismic)

This project will demolish the Faculty Towers Building eliminating 50 faculty offices and 11 administrative offices in a building ranked as a Level 6 on the DSA seismic list, and provide a new 10,600 ASF/17,700 GSF faculty office/lecture facility, which is the first element of the Humanity Complex.  The Faculty Towers Replacement Building will include a 150-station lecture room, 47 faculty offices and administrative spaces to support four departments and the dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.  This facility will be located in the northwest sector of the campus immediately adjacent to the existing Music Building.

Humanities Complex, Phase II

This project will construct 34,100 ASF/55,600 GSF of new space for the College of Humanities.  This project will complete the Humanities Complex, and will include an auditorium, specialized dance and music studio facilities as well as instructional spaces.  The building will accommodate 1,210 FTE (1,156 FTE in lecture space, 39 FTE in LD laboratory space, 15 FTE in LD laboratory space), and 68 faculty offices.

Physical Education Renovation/Addition (Seismic)

This project will renovate the existing 18,900 ASF/25,200 GSF Physical Education building to comply with current building codes and address seismic deficiencies.  The building has a Division of State Architect seismic Level 6 rating.  The project will upgrade the building envelope and the mechanical, electrical, and telecommunication systems.  It will address building deficiencies and capital renewal needs to realize a lower life-cycle cost.  The project will also construct a 16,700 ASF/22,000 GSF addition to meet the academic needs of the physical education and kinesiology department.  The new building will accommodate a net increase of 241 FTE (223 FTE in lecture space, 18 FTE in UD laboratory space) and 53 faculty offices.

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