Projects in Planning and Design

Facilities Planning Development and Operations
Major Projects in Planning and Design
  • Faculty Towers Replacement Building (Seismic)  This project will demolish the Faculty Towers Building eliminating 50 faculty offices and 11 administrative offices in a building ranked as a Level 6 on the DSA seismic list, and provide a new 7,450 ASF/13,900 GSF faculty office/lecture facility, which is the first element of the Humanity Complex.  The Faculty Towers Replacement Building will include 59 faculty offices and administrative spaces to support four departments and the dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.  This facility will be located in the northwest sector of the campus immediately adjacent to the existing Music Building.
  • Humanities Classroom Addition Project  This project will include construction of a single story 6000GSF/4200ASF space adjacent to our new Humanities Office Classroom which is also called “Faculty Towers Replacement Building.”  It will house three large classrooms--each accommodating approximately 90 students--two of which will have stepped and fixed seating. The current budget for this project is $3.6M and once complete, it will provide us much needed bigger classrooms with state of the Art technology.
  • Replacement of Electrical transformers  This project has two phases. Phase 1 of this project will include field investigation of approximately 18 building transformers and their conditions, as well as main electrical distribution panels as identified by our Utility Master Plan. Once we identify equipment for replacement, the project will include design and then replacement of these in some of the buildings. Phase 2 will include the replacement of transformers and electrical distribution panels in the remaining buildings. The budget of Phase 1 is $1M, and $1.8M for Phase 2.
  • Digital Controls Replacement  This project has 3 phases. Each phase includes design and replacement of outdated and poorly functioning controls in building HVAC systems with modern HVAC controls. This will enable us to provide controls for our HVAC units via computers/internet and to be able to precisely control the units to provide accurate heating and cooling. The budget for reach Phase is $677K.
If you are interested in bidding on an upcoming project, please contact our Procurement office (654-3181) for further information.