Application Process for First-Time Freshmen

  1. Check to be sure you meet the Admission Requirements for First-Time Freshmen.

  2. Submit an application to CSU Bakersfield through CSUMentor, the online admissions portal for all CSU campuses. A $55 non-refundable application filing fee is required, but fee waivers are available if you qualify. Students interested in applying to the Educational Opportunity Program, (EOP) should complete their EOP application on CSUMentor after they have submitted their application for admission.

  3. You will receive an email from CSUB Admissions and Records acknowledging receipt of your application along with your specific CSUB ID number and login instructions to your myCSUB account. Pay particular attention to any outstanding "To-Do" list items that you need to complete and/or submit. Admission to the University will be contingent upon meeting all eligibility requirements as well as meeting all deadlines and documents to be submitted. Submit requested documents on time to the University.

  4. Check your Admissions Status online at myCSUB regularly for any updates. Once a decision is made, it will be reflected on your account, and you will receive a letter with further information such as signing up for an Orientation.

  5. Be sure to monitor your "To-Do" list regularly even after you have been admitted; there may be additional documents or requirements you will need to submit such as your final high school transcript once you graduate. Do not sent documents or correspondence unless required.

  6. Important: make sure your email address and other contact information are correct. CSU Bakersfield uses email as one of the main forms of communication.

No campus impaction at the First-Time Freshman level. Open to all CSU eligible applicants. Program impaction applies to the Nursing Program.

Application Deadlines

The initial application filing periods for first-time freshmen and transfer applicants are as follows:

  • Fall Quarter:
    October 1 - November 30
    of the previous year

  • Spring Quarter:
    August 1 - 31
    of the previous year

Note: Application deadlines and open/closed filing dates are subject to change. Visit CSUMentor for detailed information.


To learn more about the CSUB application process for First-Time Freshmen, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.