Welcome to California State University Bakersfield-Antelope Valley Regional Center, a place that is... YOUR UNIVERSITY. The faculty and staff are excited to work with you as you achieve your educational goals. CSUB-AV is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) which is one of the nation's official accreditation bodies and several of our individual degree programs are also accredited by their discipline specific organizations (such as the Business degree: AACSB, the degree in Public Administration: NASPAA and the teacher and administrator credential programs: CCTC and NCATE).

CSUB-AV offers 8 undergraduate degrees: Business Administration; Child, Adolescent and Family Studies; Communication; Criminal Justice; Nursing; Sociology; Environmental Resource Management; Liberal Studies, and also 5 graduate degrees: Administration (MSA); Business Administration (MBA); Education Administration (MA); Curriculum and Instruction (MA) and Public Administration (MPA). The School of Social Sciences and Education also provides the teacher credential offerings in multiple subject, single subject and special education. There are three degree programs offered fully on-line: the BA degree in Environmental Resource Management, the Masters in Administration (MSA), and MA degree in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction.

The AV campus provides advisors to help you with your choice of major or course selection. There are tutoring services, computer labs, library services, student life, counseling and health services.... all in easy reach for enrolled students. Check out the website, come by and visit or give us a call. We want to make CSUB-AV....YOUR UNIVERSITY.