How to Audit a Course at CSUB

To audit a course, you must get written permission from the instructor of the class to authorize you to audit their class. (You may not audit if the class is full and seats are needed by regular students.) Check the courses offered each quarter on-line and and call the appropriate office for any further information, as rules and guidelines change. You are exempt from any tests or papers when you audit a class.

For regular classes through the Registrar: Apply at the Registrar's Office (654-3036) and fill out an application. There is a 60+ waiver of fees called a Senior Fee Waiver form required . Although the admission fee is waived, there is a cost of $56.

If you are interested in taking classes through Extended University, you must fill out both a registration and audit form at the Extended University office (654-2441). There is a fee for taking any Extended University class but the fee is dependent on the class units. The EU office can tell you the cost.

You do not have to be a member of the 60+ Club to take advantage of these opportunities.