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Memories of CSUB Abound

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Vicci Brown Snyder
I started at CSCB in fall of 1973 after attending Bakersfield College. I remember how compact the campus was, and how, as I worked on campus as a student assistant, I knew all of the faculty and staff. I worked in the Athletics Department for Joe Seay and the wrestling team as a statistician, a job I had started in high school for Joe. A lot of the wrestlers lived in the dorms, and I would take breaks in the dorms between classes rather than drive all the way home (only 9.5 miles, but still…). I fondly remember the size of classes, and how involved the faculty would get in helping you succeed. People like Michael and Kim Flachmann, Oliver Rink, and Dick Noel were fantastic professors. I remember my BA graduation, outside in the quad, in June with 104 temperatures and March Fong Yu, the Secretary of State rambling on for an hour! I am back on campus with a double Masters program in Public Administration and Social Work, and still see some of the professors. The size of the school is different, but I see a lot of the same involvement from the faculty. I know that the time between my graduations (36 years) is a lot, but the school still is a wonderful memory in my life.
Wendy Wasicek
I have often had reason through my working years to feel a great appreciation for the solid accounting education I received at this school. I gained a thorough understanding of the whys that form the basis for accounting. This solid base allowed me to make reasonable decisions when heading down a new path. Great attention was given to the ethical aspects of the accounting profession. This was extremely important to me, and one of the reasons I continued in the field.
Juan Vega, Jr.
Class of fall 1989 - finally finished. Many great memories: Carol Sundee, counselor, contacting me and encouraging me to complete an application for a Navy Intership in Washington, D.C. in spring 1987. I "grew" and this experience broke my comfort zone, and my mere hometown upbringing. Thanks Carol, I participated in 3 Summer Navy Intern programs which lead to my Fort Huachua, Arizona employment! I love and miss Dr. Everett Mann; I am so fond of Dr. James Vigil. Dr. Arciniega came up to me just after I was accepted to the first Navy Internship program in 1987, and invited me to his office; he truly cared for his students. Dr. Arciniega invited me to "extend" myself, and make contact with his personal friends in the D.C. area. He even sent them personal letters, and provided me copies, introducing me. The CSUB Mecha fiestas and car shows ... the Younger Half Band - we had fun, respectable fun! Thanks CSUB!
Alice W. Short
After raising my four children and working in the Women's Movement I decided to go for a college degree and enrolled at Cal State Bakersfield. It was 1972 and I was 48 years old. The campus wasn't very big, the grounds were mostly open fields and the classes small. I loved every minute of it (except maybe Probability Theory). I received my Bachelor's Degree/magna cum laude in 1975, and in 1977 a Master's in Public Administration. I worked in administrative positions in County government until my retirement and also taught at Cal State for a few years after that. I'm 86 now and a great-grandmother but getting my degree is still one of the high points of my life.
Donald Williams
CSUB has impacted me in so many ways because it became my second home. I attended CSUB from 1992-1995 and I immediately was welcomed with open arms from the faculty, fellow classmates as well as my new track teammates and coaches. I learned so much while attending CSUB from two of my favorite teachers, Dr. Alali and Judith Pratt. Even though I was on a track scholarship I stayed committed to excelling in the classroom. I learned how to welcome all challenges put before me on and off the track and, as a result, I attended film school immediatley after graduating and received my Master's Degree in Film and Video in June 2000 from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I now reside in Los Angeles with my fiance and my toddler son. I am employed as an assitant editor working on movie trailers and reality TV shows. Furthermore, Cal State will always be my home because everyone treated me like family and family is so important to me. MUCH LOVE CSUB!
Bijan Omidi
I use to be a student assistant in the computer lab. Because of my appearance with white hair most people were surprised at the first glance. Several people asked me if I’m a professor! Three middle age students (girls) stopped by my desk. One of them said we’re about to quit study because it is so hard, we just can’t. On the way out we made the decision to ask your idea. I told them I’ve no idea, the only thing I can say is, I’m 68 and English is my 2nd language, this is my last quarter and I’ll walk for my graduation next quarter. Think about yourself. Recently I met one of them in a Target store, she hugged me and said we made it. Antelope Valley campus administration made a friendly evironment. I enjoyed the time I was there. I graduated in 2007.
Anthony L. Roberson
I remember Dr. Drushell reading "Love Poem" to our class. She barely finished the poem when her voice slightly cracked, and it was apparent that she was crying. It was the first time that I had personally witnessed the emotional power of the written word. I was 26, and this was around 1990. I never forgot that moment. I went on to read more, and found myself emotionally touched by the short story "Miss Brill", which was also assigned in Dr. Drushell's class. Recently, I had the fortune of contacting Dr. Drushell, and letting her know the joy of reading that she helped instill in me. I'm a teacher now, and I can only hope that I impart the same joy of reading and learning as she did with me back in the early '90s.
Elizabeth Laguna-Rocha
I took my first steps on the college campus in 1991, when I was in 6th grade. I was selected to be in the NYSP (National Youth Sports Program). We were bussed from Mt.Vernon Elementary, so you can only imagine the long, scenic drive. I still remember how excited I was every day to be part of the many outdoor activities planned out for us. Most of the activities took place in what is now Runner Park. I always felt butterflies in my stomach to be on such a "big" campus. That would not be my last stop. I returned a few years later as a Career Beginnings student as a junior in high school, then made CSUB, my University. I graduated with my BA and MS, and can't imagine myself going elsewhere. I have seen the campus grow, not only physically, but also culturally. It was definitely a home away from home, and ALWAYS will be.
Judice Horta
In Fall of 2007 I graduated from CSUB with a degree in Spanish and later received my teaching credentials in 2009. I was the first in my family to graduate from a University. I can say that I had a great experience at CSUB. I met wonderful friends who also served as a study group. I also had great teachers who were very dedicated and from who I learned a lot. I was very glad when I found out that the Spanish Program was saved. I was part of Hermes Literature Club which was lead by Dr. Corral who was very dedicated to her students. She was always trying to instill the importance of culture into us through her trips and presentations. I can say I came upon great people during my years at CSUB.
Susanne (Betenbaugh) Campbell
I had the pleasure of attending CSUB in 1979 when it was CSB, and finally graduating once it became a university. My father was the first director of the Health Center and loved meeting and getting to know all the students that took advantage of that great benefit. He joked that he was going to write a book one day about the humorous stories his students/patients shared and call it "All My Children." On occasion I would work with him in the Health Center and loved all of the staff there. I also worked in the Counseling Center with Dr. Dick Swank, Dr. Bobbie George and Dr. Willis Hill. CSUB continues to have that "small" campus mentality regardless of its size. I am amazed at the many changes I see on campus today, but am also impressed at the landmarks that remain for us to enjoy.
Tom Garrison
I was a member of the first entering class at (then called) Cal State Bakersfield in 1970 and graduated with the first four year undergraduates in 1974. All the classes were small, never more than 20-25 students (usually only ten or so), and the professors young and motivated. I had several top flight teachers, three of whom deserve mention - Charles McCall, Gene Clark, and Bill Hanson. They all became life-long friends. It was a liberal education in the best meaning of the word; open discussions with bright folks who cared about thinking and not pushing an agenda. I hope that legacy continues.
Denise Papasergia Cutbirth
I began college as a single mother of two young children when I was 27 years old. I needed a good job so that I could support them and I needed that college diploma. I had the good fortune of finding a field that I enjoyed and was good at and graduated in 1984 with a degree in Communications. There were many outstanding instructors (characters) teaching in our department including Gary Byrd and Marla Iyasere. While there, I had the good fortune to work for the "CSB" News Bureau and for the school paper. The best part about getting my education locally were the ample opportunities available to me. I got a head start on my career working for Tehachapi's newspaper during my senior year. The year I graduated I got a job as editor of the "Wasco News" and before I knew it, I had my dream job working for "The Bakersfield Californian" and eventually my own column. Many thanks to CSUB. I will always be grateful to you.
Donald L. Mather Jr.
My first year, I lived in the over-21 dorm. Most of my friends were a lot yonger than myself. My best friend was Owen, a kid from Londonderry, Ireland. We had a toga party which I still have pictures of. Some of the professors were really cool; others were really judgemental. All in all I got through and went on to obtain my MA in Georgia and taught alternative school for a number of years. I went to work for the Department of Defense and have lived in Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, and Qatar. Now I'm retired in Alabama and still remember my days at CSUB.
David Bringle
CSUB has been a part of my life since I was a child, starting with summer courses as a grade school kid and finally as an undergrad. I even tended bar at the CSUB Pub in '91 (see CSUB Runner 4/10/91, Vol. 16, Issue 21). Nearly 20 years later I still dip into the knowledge and experiences I gained from CSUB on a regular basis. On June 6th my son and I walked the campus together. It seemed almost the same as it was when I attended. Sam, who is 3, just wanted to run around and chase squirrels.
Sally Shaw (Calvin)
I entered the Nursing program at CSUB in 1978 and graduated in 1980. I loved the campus! It was small (only about 3,000 students back then) and the nursing department was the largest department on campus. I have just celebrated my 30th year as a nurse and I feel that the nursing program at CSUB prepared me very well for my future career. I wanted to be a nurse since I was 7 years old and I am so grateful that I got to reach that dream. Hail to the future graduates of CSUB!
Michael Flanders
I transferred from San Jose State to CSCB in Sept. 1971. I moved into an apartment my first year. The school had 1,200 students with a ratio of 3 to 1 student to professor. The dean of students walked me around and helped me get my classes. I was a biology student and Prof. Jack Amundson was my mentor. In my 2nd year I moved into the new dorms and made life long friends with the nursing students occupying the 2nd and 3rd floors of the dorms. The school was in the middle of sugar beet fields with nothing else around. The education emphasized was called the "inquiry" method. This has made me the person I am today and have used that education in all the career paths I have made. I look back very fondly of my experience at CSCB.
Teresa (Jackson) Williams
I started CSB in August 1973. My intent was to attend CSB for 2 years and then transfer to UCLA. After one year I decided to remain at CSB all four years. I graduated in May 1977 with a BA in Physical Education. While at CSB I served as a cheerleader for all four years. I went on to be a PE teacher and coach. I am now a principal of a middle school in Oakland.
Jeannette J. Gary
For me, one of the most exciting and complimentary moments at CSUB was when Dr. Elizabeth Jackson asked me to be her 'TA' for the final in 2001. It was great fun! That same year, I received a degree in Communications with a minor in Psychology. In 2003 I became a volunteer, activist and president of Citizens for a New Oildale, Inc. Our goal was and is to change the face and image of Oildale. We want to make it safe and family friendly - every family reaching its full potential. This 100 year old community has already turned a corner. Last year CSUB hosted a day for Oildale. I truly believe that what I learned at Cal State has helped me work with the media as well as with our leaders - and to know my audience, if I have to speak. Last week our group hosted the dedication of the first historic mural in Oildale (101 E. Beardsley and N. Chester Avenues), as well as a luncheon.
Pam Gomez
In 1981, I was in 6th grade when CSB hosted the K.C. Oral Language Festival. It was my first trip to the campus, which was surrounded by open fields. The buildings and classrooms were impressive and we were so surprised when we heard there was a pub on campus. I later transferred to CSUB in 1992 from B.C. and will never forget how different the library was in its old location which is now the Education and Student Services Building. It was only two floors high and you could read outside in the interior patio. There were more ducks around the big pond and crows that would try to attack you. I also recall how strange it was to learn how to use a "mouse" for the first time in my English class. The campus has transformed so much since Dr. Mitchell has become our President and I am very thankful for that. Our newest buildings are something to be proud about.
Tracy Hostmyer
My grandmother, Maxine McJunkin, was the second employee to ever be hired at CSUB. She was the 'Secretary' for the first President at the time. I am currently a student and am proud of my grandmother's achievements in her life. She was a hard worker and encouraged her grandchildren to read at a very young age even though it wasn't common in the 70's. She was ahead of her time in many ways: High standards of nutritional balance while managing a school Cafeteria, Disaster Preparation all of her years living in Northern California, as well as recycling and conserving water when it wasn't common to do so decades ago. I believe it is because of my grandmother's hard work and forerunner attitude that she was a good fit for her position here. May CSUB continue on its path of high standards and social responsibility as an academic institution. Happy 40th!
Shannon Hill
In the fall of 2005, I became the Alumni Director at CSUB. I have had many great memories over the past five years, but one of my proudest moments was working with the CSUB Alumni Association Board of Directors in starting our Alumni Hall of Fame. Whenever you embark on a new tradition, you never know the outcome… But the tearful video of Manuela Albuquerque, the story of our (then) new U.S. Representative Kevin McCarthy, the family reunion celebrating Joe Drew, the humility of Eric Matlock, and the campus pride of Greg Bynum highlighted the success of the event for me. Sharing the stories of our graduates and learning of their personal and professional triumphs is one of the best things about working at CSUB!
Holly McQuillan
As part of one of the Psych Club's service projects, members of our club spent a weekend cleaning and polishing all of the dedication plaques around campus (on benches, near trees, etc) and then we created a guide and map for them all that was distributed to students and visitors briefly. It was tough work, but fulfilling!
Jill C McWilliams (Holten)
I applied to CSUB for the nursing program, at the time all nursing programs in CA were impacted and it was very competitive. I was accepted into the program in 1983 and graduated with my BS in Nursing in 1985. Dr. Nancy Cook was the Director of the Nursing Program. One of my clinical instructor's was Lori Mitchell, she was a great mentor. I think of her today. I believe the nursing program provided a great foundation to help me build my nursing career. Today I am the Chief Nursing Officer of an acute care hospital in the state of Washington. I owe my success to California State College Bakersfield.
Diane Washington
I remember being the first CSUB cheerleading squad to WIN the USA Cheer camp. The division was for small squad 1991-1992.
Donna (Lewis) Cazacus
There were no clubs, school paper, mascot, colors, anything! When we were selecting our mascot, I submitted "cougars." A slightly older student submitted "aardvarks." (We called him the aardvark man.) "Roadrunners"? What a ridiculous idea. Who would have imagined that it would win? My friends and I went to EB and Foothill. We had never experienced the fog on the southwest side of town. I was amazed that it could be so foggy and that we could go the whole day without the fog ever lifting!
Doug E White
I moved into a little apartment on Union Avenue in March of 1970 to teach for the Bakersfield City School District. Having just completed my teaching credential from Cal State Los Angeles, I was interested in continuing my master’s degree at the new college, Cal State Bakersfield. Of course, I discovered there was no MA program. Nevertheless, one Sunday afternoon I headed out Brundage Lane/Stockdale Highway to see the new campus. Civilization ended at the Methodist Church at Monclair Street. As I drove past miles of cotton fields, I thought I was lost until I finally came upon the campus. I couldn't believe they built a college so far out in the sticks. It was in the middle of no-where, and so small! Later, in the mid-70s, I attended classes in the new science building for another credential, witnessing how the campus was growing. Now, as a 60+ Club and OLLI member, I’m on the campus several times a week. Urbanization has surrounded the much-larger CSUB and extends for miles beyond. Oh, how our city and university have grown.
Gloria Magana Heredia
CSUB is one of those schools where you feel like you're part of a family. I started my college career summer of 2001 when I attended Summer Bridge. That summer I met and befriended incoming freshmen who where as nervous and excited as I was. I joined a few clubs while attending school, Ballet Folkloric Mexica Tiahui, M.E.Ch.A, and became a founding mother for Nu Phi Chi Sorority. Those clubs shaped my life so much, to the person I am today, and the memories I gained are so memorable. The professors were always great too, very welcoming, and I loved the small classroom sizes. Some of the memories that standout to me are the excitement and nervous feelings during Nu Phi Chi's 1st Greek Week (I danced to MC Hammer). I gained great friendships throughout my college career and every single one of them made a difference in my life. I continue to keep in touch with my NOX Sisters, and I'm so proud of the new ladies who continue to represent NOX and CSUB. Furthermore, my CSUB experiences will always be some of my best memories and memorable moments of my life.
Ryan Richmond
My stint at CSUB--simply Cal State to the locals--started in the Fall Quarter of 1995 as a Freshman who chose the school unseen and unfamiliar with Bakersfield. Boy did I get lucky! With a new library and student union (and shortly thereafter, a revamped Education Building) the Campus had a fresh atmosphere. I spent numerous afternoons before class just hanging out with friends, classmates, and even some of the BPA faculty. It was not until I began a M.S. program at another university, that I realized what a great and unique experience I had attending CSUB.
Stephen Mitsch
I graduated from CSUB in 1976 with a BS in Math/Computers. Living on campus in the dorms was unique. I finally moved back in with my parents because of the cost. I remember meeting with the math professors 1975-1976 in one of the professor's home for games, bear and food on Friday nights. Gossip was even on the menu. It was an educational experience unique to Bakersfield. Around 1984-1985 I attempted to get a secondary education teaching credential. That was another adventure that provided an insight into myself as well as the local student and teacher population. I even attempted graduate school as a Public Policy and Administration, Healthcare Management, major in 2007-2008. I recently met a CSUB student from Australia, an example of how CSUB provides a multicultural environment than promotes understand of cultures other than the local one.