Welcome to CSUB 40th anniversary

From the days of bell-bottom jeans and long hair braided with flowers to today’s body art and text messaging, students have found a home at CSU Bakersfield. For 40 years, students have pursued dreams, discovered new interests, cheered sports teams, volunteered to help others, and graduated to begin successful careers. Students have been guided, supported and encouraged by faculty and staff members who have dedicated themselves to helping students succeed.
CSUB is firmly planted in the community, with 70 percent of our 32,000 graduates opting to remain in the area to pursue careers and raise families. Graduates comprise a large segment of the work force and become leaders in every economic sector. The impact of CSUB can be felt in every corner of the region.
Join us as we honor those who laid the foundation and helped create the university we see today. Partner with us as we look forward and witness what CSUB can become.

Letter from CSUB President

Since opening in 1970, California State University, Bakersfield has evolved in academic performance, campus expansion and athletic greatness. We are celebrating 40 years of providing everlasting memories and valuable experiences to those with a thirst for knowledge, and we invite you to join the commemoration.
I encourage you to submit remembrances, photographs and perspectives online which will add to the university story told through the eyes of alumni, faculty, staff and community members.
As the year progresses, I hope you will return to these pages to see how you can get involved in anniversary festivities. Everyone should share a sense of pride and accomplishment for where we have been and where we are headed. There are numerous ways to participate and invest in the future of California State University, Bakersfield.
No matter where you went to school, as a part of our campus community, CSUB is your university.

Horace Mitchell

President, CSUB