July 1967

Paul F. Romberg Named First President of California State College, Bakersfield

Dr. Paul F. Romberg was a native of Nebraska and a Marine Corps fighter pilot in the World War II. He graduated form the University of Nebraska in 1954 with a doctorate degree in biology, with an emphasis on botany and genetics. He taught at Wabash in Indiana and Iowa State and was vice-president of academic affairs at Chico State. He remained at CSB until 1974.

Romberg and his team worked out of temporary offices on California Avenue where they began initial planning and oversaw construction of the initial buildings, development of programs, ordering of books and equipment, and recruiting of over 22 administrators and educators. Starting with an open field on Stockdale Highway, construction began in 1969 and the school was slated to open to freshman and sophomores the following year.

Romberg formed a Foundation for CSB in 1968. There were 14 Kern and Tulare County citizens named to the board. Their function as the Foundation Board was to help with the fiscal means and management that allowed the college instructions and service aids not funded by the state. In addition the Foundation would permit effective administration of auxiliary activities that included a bookstore, cafeteria, community relations, endowments, grants, and scholarships.